Wednesday, 1 April 2009


So.. The man I love, who I've done everything for over the last six months has left me. Because I allegedly 'get in the way of his work'. I don't see how this could be the case, as I hardly saw him anyway due to his workload..

I've tried my best to negotiate but I refuse to beg when I have done nothing wrong. So, I spent a while crying. About ten hours I think. I was tempted to post but it would have all been embarasing emotional rubbush. I picked myself up, got pep talks from my wonderful friends and I'm trying not to pity myself anymore.

So, now I'm faced with a huge obstacle. How do I take my mind off of this man? I need to keep myself busy busy busy..

I could cook, but I have hardly any food. I could go out, but I have nowhere to go. I could shop, but I have hardly any money..

So I window shop (or browser shop if you will). I look at all the things I want and that I can have in my new single life :) This gorgeous dress, for instance, by Reko of More posts to come :)

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