Thursday, 30 April 2009

Just to let anyone who actually reads this know..

I'm probably going to abandon this blog.

You never know, I may come back to it, but for now:

is my home.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Bobs bobs bobs

Apologies for the lack of posts. I've moved home and it's taken a few days to sort everything out. And in a HUGE 'new me' twist I'm getting the chop. That's right - a bob. 'How very two years ago' I hear you cry. And you'd be right. I half-heartedly trawled the web for any scrap of fashion credibilty the bob might have left post-Katy Holmes. This was very unsuccessful, but to be honest, I don't really care.

I like that it's not 'cool'. I spend alot of time trying to run away from what's cool in order to avoid looking like the fashion victim that I know I am at heart. My rule is, once a trend reaches Heat/More/Look magazines etc I must move on. With this in mind I relish and look forward to my 'so-uncool-that-its-cool' bob.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

I see a little silhouette of a man

There's something magical about vintage silhouettes. I'm going through a bit of a stage of loving all things old.. I'm yearning for quaint country-cottage style crockery. god knows why..
On a completely different note; I'm completely addicted to twitter. get yourself an account. and follow me here. Also have a gander at Twistori - it's strangely inspiring and it makes me happy to watch it go :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Dear God. I've just discovered the adorable world of Kawaii. Literally translating to mean 'cute' or 'pet', it's basically a term for cute little japanese things. I was browsing the stationary on Lady Luck when I found this adorbale notebook:

And I saw that one reviewer has described it as 'Kawaii'. Intrigued, I googled and found a whole world of cuteness. I am now convinced that my life will not be complete until everything I own is shaped like an ice cream with a cute face.

Shop Kawaii has the most amazing and extensive array of cute things I've ever seen. It's a collection of every adorble japanese cartoon product imaginable, from bookmarks to toilet roll holders. Well worth a look. And THESE are the most amazing things I've ever seen. That's right, they even managed to make pee and poo look cute. Incredible.


So.. The man I love, who I've done everything for over the last six months has left me. Because I allegedly 'get in the way of his work'. I don't see how this could be the case, as I hardly saw him anyway due to his workload..

I've tried my best to negotiate but I refuse to beg when I have done nothing wrong. So, I spent a while crying. About ten hours I think. I was tempted to post but it would have all been embarasing emotional rubbush. I picked myself up, got pep talks from my wonderful friends and I'm trying not to pity myself anymore.

So, now I'm faced with a huge obstacle. How do I take my mind off of this man? I need to keep myself busy busy busy..

I could cook, but I have hardly any food. I could go out, but I have nowhere to go. I could shop, but I have hardly any money..

So I window shop (or browser shop if you will). I look at all the things I want and that I can have in my new single life :) This gorgeous dress, for instance, by Reko of More posts to come :)

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sleeplessness and Acrylic

Alas, I cannot sleep. I've been on the websites of just about every university in or near London looking at graphic design and illustration courses, and the graduate artwork at Westminster was so good, I just had to sit down with my sketchbook and make myself useful for a few minutes.
Well, that kept me occupied for about 15 minutes.. what else to do?

I should be jobhunting...

But instead I'm fantasising about all the shopping I can't do because I've wasted my student loan..
Just think, if all I ate this year was porridge, I could be the proud owner of that Luella clutch..

Sadly, the closest I'll get to fulfilling this list is by trying to find a similar Blondie tee to this one by Buddhist Punk. I have quite an addiction to old battered-looking rock t shirts, I think it must stem from my teenage years, when I'd turn up to college in my dad's old rolling stones tour shirts, leggings and a studded belt. Still a classic look, but maybe wait for summer to start leaving the house without trousers? And maybe wait for a few pounds to drop off too...